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Portrait of a Hardcorist as a MED Head

Who is this guy and whats his deal?

Known as 8Bit, he is a veteran techno producer and director of music videos and film. 8Bit began publishing hardcore techno and noize early in 1994 and by 1997 had started directing music-videos for Atomic Babies and Frankie Bones (both of which aired on MTVs late night techno show - AMP).

8Bit setup at a live gig. Notice Octamed on the little TV?
What are the origins of the name? Did he just make it up?

No, not at all. A younger unnamed 8Bit starting hacking away at Med 1.3 on an Amiga 500 way back in the eighties. Back then it was fun to press a key and have a sound come out. It was even more fun to arrange these sounds. Hours upon hours were spent figuring out the best way to make a 'real' sounding song. It wasn't until after an all-night Frankie Bones Brooklyn outlaw (the notorious STORM RAVES), circa 1993, when 8Bit got the name. When the techno producer 'The Horrorist' aka Temper Tantrum heard an early demo he created entirely on the Amiga 500 he mentioned something about it sounding extremely, "...8Bit".

Unbenounced to Mr. Oliver Chelsler (The Horrorist), the musician in question had sampled, manipulated and arranged the entire mixdown using the 8Bit outputs of the ancient 68000 Amiga box. Thus the name and music began.

What kind of music does this guy make? Will my mom like it?

Not as much an Englebert Humperdink but she might think it has value in the history of electronic music. 8Bit music is unlike techno or hardcore yet is influenced heavily by both . Growing up in a musical family the man behind 8bit (who shall remain nameless) plays many instruments and incorporates very musical elements into the tunes. Yes, the majority of tracks are very hard and should not be played with cats in the room however the future is bright and the sound is everchanging.

What is the future for 8Bit?

First it is a requirement to listen to his past. Check out the main arsenal of 8Bit Productions music and video at http://www.eightbit.com. Listen to this weeks Tweek of the week and find out what lies behind every turn.

Will 8Bit ever go 32bit?

We get that question alot along with many other puns on 8Bit. Currently he works out of a studio in Rockaway Beach, New York - home of the late Ramones (condolences to Joey). The setup is far from what he was using 2 years ago and is a full multitrack digital environment however in the corner is the amiga 500 loaded up with Octamed waiting for input.

How does he feel about the future of MED and trackers?

His comment on the trend of MED type programs that have arisen lately "...they're cool but nothing is like MED.

I like working fast
its the nature of the collective musical unconscious.
"No bounds. I hear. I play. I record. Done."
" I'm waiting for the much faster/more powerful PC V2 that can cater to my creative expression. Unbelievable how great that system was (reffering to the amiga) but its not like I can really use it for production now. Im laying down guitar parts and vocal parts with effects and ive spent many days trying to incorporate my love for Octamed. There will always be tracks on the new albums I made with Octamed and it will always be a part of the live show. Damn, its part of me."

8Bit Discography
Preview and buy at http://www.eightbit.com

1994 - Digital Hut Records #2 - ('tw-ee-ked) 7 inch vinyl
1995 - KADO Records - Distorted Underground CD
1996 - Ventura Pictures (Soundtrack) - Faith
1996 - (Documentary Soundtrack) - Limelight
1997 - Coldfront Records (Hardcore Compilation) - In the mix Techno vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3
1998 - Digital Hut Records #9 - WAR IS! 12 inch
1999 - Protosonic Records - Dead Tracks CD
2001 - Protosonic Records - 8 ANTHOLOGY CD


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